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"Quantum Currency" Crypto Proposed by CMTLabs – PR Newswire

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Aug 25, 2021, 08:11 ET
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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Aug. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CMTLabs, Inc.  stated today it is proposing creation of a new crypto asset category in the form of "Quantum currencies"
CMTLabs further stated that unlike popular current crypto currencies, the proposed "quantum" currencies would properly function equally well as a balanced SOV (Store of Value) and monetary means of exchange. Dual and equally balanced financial state functionality is achieved by entering a FSP (Financial Super Position) dual value proposition state during a transaction. FSP is the financial equivalent of a qubit entering value states of 0 and 1 simultaneously (super position) during a quantum computer calculation. Qubits "collapse" into a resting state as a 0 or 1 when the calculation is completed (measurement by an outside observer). The same applies to what can be defined as a "quantum currency" crypto asset. When the transaction is completed (measurement), the crypto asset "collapses" into a resting financial state by the observer (recipient) as a balanced currency (0) or SOV (1). FSP capability is achieved by utilizing a CMTLabs developed hybrid use of algorithmic mining/minting management, asset pegged mechanisms and a perpetual "burn pool" currency reserve. SOV functionality would maintain a relatively low financial value increase above a need based asset index similar to the U.S. CPI (Consumer Price Index). The crypto asset value increase would be low enough not to attract "whales" (high stake holder, high return speculator investors) but high enough to attract the retail consumer segment. A "quantum" currency could provide a balanced, reliable, nonvolatile SOV and currency functionality with 100% equitable and inclusive ownership opportunities.
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